Web Developer & Project Manager - The Center for Evidence-Based Practices

The Center for Evidence-Based Practices provides technical assistance (consulting, training, evaluation) for service innovations that improve quality of life and other outcomes for people with mental illness. I worked with them as a Web Developer from 2011-2014 and was later promoted to Project Manager on top of my development duties. As the technical lead, I oversaw a complete redesign of the CEBP website, including design, user experience testing, and implementation using a custom-built PHP content management system.

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Skills & Technologies

  • Responsible for complete redesign of CEBP website, including requirements gathering, design, user experience testing, and implementation.
  • Creating and managing forms for user/team/organization creation and editing.
  • Maintenance of large database of sensitive medical information.
  • PHP and JavaScript bug hunting and squashing.
  • Work with Model-View-Controller architecture and LAMP stack.

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